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merci...on a besoin d'etre unis, merci...

By Ana Maria Silva on Oct. 21 2010 at 06:05 pm GMT
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Ana Maria Silva
was a visual artist, then an art teacher, then hit by a car entering the Vila Maria Metro station in Montreal and now ? a starving artist
not even pretending to be successful
Ana a grandi a Montreal ou elle vit et travaille depuis son retour en 1997 et son accident en 1998.
i feel i am on a black list created by the SAAQ, the Qc. public doctors are not interested to fill out papers for the SAAQ since my "hang-mans fracture" they send me personal medical files ( including psychiatry confidential ) circulate from lawyer to lawyer and more...i care and i don't care, but would like to know more....

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bad residual indemnity

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